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Author Topic: Goodbye, Dog Company  (Read 139 times)


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Goodbye, Dog Company
« on: August 27, 2017, 22:01:17 PM »

I have been part of the unit for a long time now. here's a bit of my story.

I started off with some of you in a previous realism unit 3 years and a half ago (July 2014), starting as a Rct. in the 452nd Training Platoon, together with McCue, Bley and Willis. It is in this unit that I met and befriended many of you: Bunch, Bley, Moos, Wence, Collie, Niazian, Daemon, Swan... And more. Back then I was very bad at english: I could not understand almost anything my squad leader (Niazian) told me to do. I didn't even know what "Iron sights" were! But eventually my english improved and I got to PFC in about half a year, before I left to live in the US for 4 months at the same time a group of people rebelled against the negative leadership in the unit and created a new unit of their own: The 2nd Ranger Battalion.
When I came back from the US, I was not allowed to get back into the previous unit so after a little time I joined the 2RB, as a new Rct for DP1S2, back then one of the 2 squads in a single platoon, led by Sgt. Daemon and his ASL: Cpl. Aschen. After a few months, I was promoted to PFC and Aschen (Almost just him haha) saw past my sillyness and bad jokes and found in me a potential leader. He told me to behave better, which made me realize such sillyness (Teabagging, looting, not lining up properly and such) was not welcome, and stopped it. It didn't take long since then until Aschen was promoted to Sgt. and assigned to lead Squad 1. Saunders was promoted to ASL, and I became S2 SLT, helping a bit with drill planning and peeking on squad leadership responsibilities.
Some weeks passed, and Sgt. Daemon was promoted to platoon sergeant to help TSgt. Gary. This turned Saunders into a Cpl, and Squad Leader, while I was appointed as his ASL as a T/5. It was then several months until Leadership decided Squad 3 leadership had to change, and was missing a new Squad Leader... And I was the one offered the position. You know how things went after that: I led Squad 3 with Gunnar as my ASL. Then he moved to Easy Company, and Stone became a Cpl. and my ASL. Then he was transferred to lead Squad 2, and Voon became my ASL. Since he and I had different leadership styles, we couldn't agree on many things and it was decided we didn't make quite a good team, so he was transferred to help Sgt. Stone while Cpl. Werner  came to S3 as my new ASL not long before the sequel for RO2/RS came out: RS2. However, he also didn't click with me too well, and thus was transferred back and PFC Letsnisky came to be my ASL, 2 weeks before getting promoted to Cpl, and not before today, the day I leave squad leadership to become a T/4 and become head of Quastermaster's office.
During my time in the unit I was a soldier, assisted a squad leader before becoming one myself, created the excel for EIB and second version of the attendance page, recruited and  interviewed new people and taught others how to do it, trained new recruits in weekly Basic Combat Trainings (BCT) drew all squad logos and helped with everything I could. I believe I helped the unit grow and improve itself, as much as it has helped me grow and learn about myself.

About the moment I became a Squad Leader, around december 2016, I was frustrated at all the projects I could not  bring myself to complete due to my addiction with gaming. I'd love to do many things: Create costumes, build a chainmail, learn how to play  music, martial arts, write, read, study, meditate, learn german and other languages and many other things. I started doing some of them, but I could never turn anything into a habit because I already had a habit that took all my free time for me and I was unable to limit: Gaming. As soon as I got home from work, I would play. As soon as I would get back from school or college, I would play. As soon as I woke up on free days, I would play. I never would stop until it was time to go to bed or to eat, only to return to videogames as soon as I finished. And Im tired of it. Gaming has helped me and taught me a lot: It's thanks to it that I speak english so fluently, and shaped many of my world views due to speaking to so many people from many other places that think very differently. I learned how to command, manage 20 people for weekly activities, keep track of a group, cooperation, clear communication,  and it has also allowed me to bond with so many interesting and lovable people.
Some time you could still grab me and we can play something together though. This is not about quitting gaming completely and not playing ever again, its about gaming not  being the most part of my life. I decided I want my life to be many things, and not only fantasy virtual worlds. So I will still be seeing you around. Cheers, people! I am very happy I got to know all of you and be part of this community. Thank you!

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